Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry—James 1:19                                                                                      

Greetings Brothers of Mighty Mu Omega, 

I’m indeed honored and excited to have this opportunity to serve as Basileus of Mighty Mu Omega Chapter for the administrative year 2018-2019. I am most grateful and I do not take this privilege lightly or for granted. As we embark upon this journey, we look forward to taking Mu Omega Chapter to another level of excellence. I’m extremely excited about this opportunity and what lies ahead for our chapter. . 

Over the past two years, we developed a five (5) year strategic plan that was adopted by the previous administration, voted on, and accepted by the Chapter membership. As a result, the Brotherhood agreed that this administration should focus on four specific areas: 1. Operations, 2. Friendship/Unity, 3. Economic Development, and 4. Outreach. Based on these outcomes, my Vision is to “Create a Chapter environment/culture where “Excellence” is the norm and where Friendship, Growth and Economic Development are Paramount.”

My mission is “To bring Mu Omega back into prominence by building upon and reinforcing the Chapter’s current foundation.” The foundation has been laid by previous administrations. This administration will erect an exquisite monument upon that foundation. In an effort to carry out this mission, this administration will focus on five goals: 1. To improve upon the Chapter’s Operating Procedures, 2. Foster friendship among the Brotherhood, 3. Support and/or collaborate with the other Chapters in the Philadelphia area when possible, 4. Increase and sustain Chapter membership, and 5. Implement an Economic Development strategy to improve our economic endeavor. 

The greatest resource for our chapter is our Brotherhood. All chapter activities should be design to strengthen the bond of brotherhood and friendship within us. We must continue to encourage and empower brothers to take an active role in the chapter’s business, social programs and projects. We must be willing to reach out to the disenfranchised brothers within the city and implement a plan to reclaim them. We will utilize our younger brothers to support the chapter in the area of technology and social media. In order to continue and enhance the legacy of Mu Omega, we will provide leadership training for all brothers who seek leadership roles. Also, Brothers of our chapter must step-up in true Omega Spirit for leadership roles and positions to allow Mu Omega to regain its role in developing future leaders of this fraternity, and its status as a leader in the 2nd District. It is imperative that the Brothers of Mu Omega Chapter share with us your experience and expertise

 Finally, My Brothers, as we embark upon this journey, we encourage all members to be an active member of at least one committee. Leave your egos at the door; roll up your sleeves and let’s be about the business of bringing Mu Omega back into its prominence. This is not about me but about the business of Omega. Please join me, My Brothers, as we begin to “Lift as we Climb".

Long Live the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity!


Bobby L. James