Bro. Woolworth Davis

Nickname / Line Name: Preacher/Genesis 22
Chapter and Year Initiated: Mu Omega F’92
Omega-Related Accomplishments, Committees, Awards
Life Member #6719
District Life Member #17

Basileus Award 1993
Achievement Week Chairman 1992, 1993, 1994, 2016 & 2017
Housing Committee 1993, 1994
Social Action Committee 1993, 1994
Brother You’re on My Mind Committee
Retired Brothers Luncheon Committee
Social Action Committee
Mu Omega Life Membership Committee
2nd District Life Membership Committee
Political Action Committee
Reclamation Committee
Shadow Que Program
MSP Committee Mu Omega Spring 2016, 17 Line
Fund Raising Committee
National Pan Hellenic Council Representative SEPA 2016 -2017
Continuous monetary donor to the Mu Omega Housing Fund
Pole Watcher 2016 2nd District Conference
Registered and a Mu Omega Chapter delegate for the 80th Grand Conclave
Attended District 2 Reorganization Meeting 2016 & 2017/ASCEND Program/Mu Omega Foundation Program
KRS Mu Omega Chapter
Attended Winter Council Meeting at Lincoln University 2017
Registered for 2nd District Conference 2016 & 2017 – Delegate for 2nd District Conferences
Attended the Leadership Conference 2017
Active with Corridor 3 Representative (MSP) and attended Corridor 3 meeting
Co-Chair for a successful “Spring Fling”
Co-Chair for a successful “Que Boat Ride”
Attended ShirtSleeve Conference
Achievement Week Chair 2017
Attending Fall Winter Council 2017
Omega Man of the Year 2017

Family Information:
Three Children: Aayesha, Qaddafi and Aqueelah
Five Grandchildren: Keanu, Aalim, Hoala, Chinua and Kyode
One sister
School: Florida A&M University
Occupation: Retired Educator