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Housing431 E. Locust Ave, Circa 2010

Housing in the early stages of Mu Omega (Graduate) Chapter was primarily for meeting purposes. These meetings were initially held in various brothers houses. As the chapter membership grew and the need for larger quarters became apparent, these meetings were then moved to a Methodist church in Germantown, Sunnycrest Farms in Cheyney, the Fairview Golf Club, St. Luke's Episcopal Church and the Christian Street YMCA. These arrangements satisfied the need for space but stability of location and a facility for storing property became an overriding force. Additionally, these quarters were becoming too small. It was at this time that talk of purchasing a house began.

The Chapter purchased its first house at 49 North 54th Street around 1953. The whole house was originally used for fraternal activities but later the first and second floors were converted into apartments and meetings and gatherings were restricted to the renovated basement. Around 1968, Mu Chapter (Intermediate) purchased a house at 218 East Price Street. Mu Omega (Graduate) Chapter began to share this facility but realized that it needed its own place to accommodate its growing needs. While the chapter was meeting at St. Luke's during 1971, the Housing Committee was formed for the sole purpose of purchasing a house. The brothers held a raffle, made pledges and instituted the Holiday (Christmas) Dance to generate monies for a down payment.

On February 13, 1973, Mu Omega purchased 431 East Locust Avenue (top) with a down payment of $7,500 and a mortgage of $15,000. The chapter used funds from the assessment of $100 per brother, rental income from the 54th Street property and revenue from the Holiday Dance to maintain the Locust Avenue property and to pay off the mortgage. Continual improvements to the house were made possible through donations of property, additional pledges of from $200 to $1,000 and designated gifts. Brother Dr. Roland Lucas, for whom the third floor lounge was named, played a significant part in the early development of the house. On March 3, 1978, the 54th Street property was sold at final settlement for $12,730. In 1980, $50,000 was spent on renovations for the Locust Avenue property and in 1988 the mortgage was retired.

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