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The Beginning: October 1, 1920
Mu Omega chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated, was founded in the year 1920 as a graduate chapter in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The chapter was originally designated as Mu chapter but in 1923 under Grand Basileus J. Alston Atkins, chapters were renamed in order to distinguish the graduate from the undergraduate chapters.

Chapter Naming
It was in 1923 that the undergraduate chapter was founded at the University of Pennsylvania. Mu was the designation given to the new undergraduate chapter and Mu Omega was given to the graduate chapter. Mu Omega at its founding was the second graduate chapter in the fraternity along with ten undergraduate chapters.

Prominent Chapter Members
Mu Omega's rolls have always listed many famous and outstanding Omega Men, many who have held national fraternal offices at one time or another. Oscar J. Cooper, one of our beloved founders, led the fraternity as the second Grand Basileus in 1912, the first Grand Keeper of Records and Seal in 1911, and the second Keeper of Finance in 1913. Julius McLain, besides being Basileus of Mu Omega in 1925, went on to become the third First Vice Grand Basileus in the same year. Later he became the twelfth Grand Basileus in 1926. Mifflin T. Gibbs, served as the tenth First Vice Grand Basileus in 1939. Joseph T. Brooks, a relative of a current Mu Omega brother, was the second Vice Grand Basileus in 1946 and the sixteenth First Vice Grand Basileus in 1955. Father H. Albion Farrell also served as a Grand Chaplain. Daniel B. Taylor served as our ninth Grand Keeper of Finance in 1925.

Robert N. C. Nix, Sr. although not a grand office, distinguished himself in Pennsylvania politics and was subsequently elected to the House of Representatives of the United States by the Fourth Congressional District of Pennsylvania. William H. Hastie was the first recipient of the fraternity's outstanding citizen of the year award. He was also the first Black appointed to the federal judiciary. William Hastie resigned as Civilian Aide to the Secretary of War in protest against discrimination in the Armed Forces. He was later appointed Governor of the Virgin Islands by President Truman.

William C. Jason, Jr. founder of Mu (undergraduate) chapter was a pioneer in the labor rights fight in the Postal system.

Terrel D. Parris, past Basileus of Mu Omega chapter and a past 2nd District Representative, was elected to Grand Keeper of Records and Seal at the 72nd Grand Conclave in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2002 and was re-elected for another term at the 73rd Grand Conclave in St. Louis, Missouri in 2004.

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